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Facebook Launches Pinterest-Like App Via its Experimental NPE Team – 14th February 2020


Facebook’s latest app is called Hobbi, which is a Pinterest-like app for collecting images of hobbies and interests, and sorting them into boards to track your progress. The app allows you to create highlight videos of your efforts which you can share with friends and family – so Hobbi is less about showing off your personal interests and more about encouraging participation by logging your own development.

WhatsApp Reaches 2 Billion Active Users – 13th February 2020


The significance of WhatsApp has been underlined once again, with the messaging app reaching a new user milestone of 2 billion monthly actives. WhatsApp hit 1.5 billion users back in 2018, so it’s taken two years to reach this next stage, but as noted, it’s now starting to gain more momentum in regions like India.

Snapchat Is Testing a Major Redesign to Simplify In-App Navigation – 13th February 2020


Snapchat is testing out a major new redesign which would expand the app from three to five definitively separated sections, and add a black navigation bar along the bottom of the screen. The new navigation bar would link to five sections: The first would be the Snap Map, which is currently accessible by swiping down on the main camera screen, though is not clearly noted as such anywhere in the app. The second is the chat section, where you can conduct message conversations with friends. The third is the main camera, which the app opens to. The fourth is essentially the current Snap Discover section, but renamed ‘Community’, which would feature all the content from connections, people you follow, personal recommendations, etc. And the fifth would be the new ‘Discover’, which would showcase Snap’s original programming, which has seen a significant boost in viewership over the past year.

Facebook Tests Moderator Activity Insights to Provide Transparency on Group Management Efforts – 13th February 2020


Facebook is now testing a new “Top Admins and Moderators” insights stream, which would provide an overview of the total activity levels of each assigned group admin and moderator “down to the second” to help you keep them in line. the new listing will enable you to check moderator and admin activity levels on five separate aspects (as selected in the drop-down menu). Those elements are: Member Requests Approved, Member Requests Declined, Posts Approved, Posts Declined and Posts Removed. You’ll also be able to download this data so you can keep a separate record of ongoing activity.

YouTube Tests New ‘Applause’ Creator Donation Feature, Expanding on ‘Super Chat’ – 13th February 2020


YouTube is testing out a new way for fans to donate money to their favorite creators, expanding on its Super Chat streamer donation system. The new option, called ‘Applause’, would enable fans to purchase an applause animation, which they could then allocate to approved YouTube videos.

Google Launches ‘Emoji Kitchen’ Mash-Ups to Facilitate Alternate Emoji Responses – 13th February 2020


Google has released a new feature for Android called Emoji Kitchen, which provides users with new mash-ups of different emoji characters, which they can use as alternate responses. The option enables users to explore ‘recipes’ of emoji variations by tapping on emojis within their Android keyboard.

Streaming Now Accounts for 19% of TV View Time, According to New Report – 12th February 2020


Facebook, YouTube and Twitter are all trying to get into the video streaming market in varying forms – and for good reason. According to a new update from Nielsen, streaming video content now accounts for 19% of the average American’s view time, up from 10% in the first quarter of 2018. Netflix leads the pack, followed by YouTube, with the remainder falling a way behind. Facebook – which has reported seeing improvements in engagement with Facebook Watch content – doesn’t make the top four, but there is still opportunity for the platform to gain more traction, while it’s also looking to make a separate push for younger viewers via Instagram’s IGTV.

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