Instagram Is Testing a New Trimming Tool for Instagram Stories Clips and more… [weekly snapshot]

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Instagram Is Testing a New Trimming Tool for Instagram Stories Clips

9th February 2020

Instagram is working on a new video trimming feature for Instagram Stories, which would make it easier to edit and upload your Stories clips within the app. The new option would provide a video slider trimming tool built into Stories, which would function in the same way as similar video editing tools available on other platforms. The addition is fairly straight-forward, but it could provide significant benefit to Stories creators. At present, many creators use third-party editing tools before uploading to Stories in order to get their timing and content right in each frame, but the capacity to edit in-stream would streamline the process, particularly when you’re on the go.

TikTok Provides Option to Upload Content via Desktop

7th February 2020

Users can now upload TikTok videos via the desktop version of the app. The process could be helpful for those managing various social media accounts from a single workstation, saving you from having to take out your phone for certain tasks, while it will also enable uploads of more polished, edited content, in line with traditional brand approach.

Reddit Announces New Partnership With Tagboard to Facilitate Connection With TV Broadcasters

7th February 2020

Reddit has announced a new partnership with Tagboard which will facilitate connection with TV broadcasters, enabling them to use Reddit content in their programs. The new process will make it easier for broadcasters to include Reddit content in stories and discussion segments. The partnership could provide a significant boost for Reddit, showcasing some of the best that the platform has to offer, and likely drawing in more users.

Instagram Rolls Out Option to Reply to Stories With GIFs

5th February 2020

You can now reply to a friend’s Instagram story with your favourite GIPHY GIFs. To apply a GIF, you can run a search by keyword in the reply text box. Brand and marketing considerations could include GIF reply competitions, or prompts to come up share GIF reactions based on your Stories frames (and you can then share the best ones, tagging the responders).

TikTok’s Testing a New Instagram-Like Profile Format

5th February 2020

TikTok is reportedly looking to update its profile design, switching to a more Instagram-style format. In some ways, aligning with Instagram’s format makes sense, given its the more familiar app, based on user counts.

Photo by Tunahan Günkan on Unsplash.

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