LinkedIn Adds Live-Streaming for Company Pages and more… [weekly snapshot]

LinkedIn Adds Live-Streaming for Company Pages

Hello and welcome to this week’s Social Snapshot – our weekly roundup of social media news – including LinkedIn adds Live-Streaming for Company Pages. You’ll find below everything that has happened in the world of social over the past week. Get your fill of the latest social media and marketing news in one concise weekly snapshot!

LinkedIn Adds Live-Streaming for Company Pages and New ‘Invite to Follow’ Options

15th January 2020

LinkedIn is now expanding LinkedIn Live to company pages, while its also officially adding a new option to invite personal first-degree connections to follow a business page that you manage. Live video streaming allows broadcasters to share videos with their network in real time. LinkedIn are currently piloting live video streaming with a few broadcasters, so the feature isn’t available to all members or Pages.

Instagram’s testing DMs in Desktop Version

15th January 2020

This will be welcome news to many Instagram marketers. After the functionality was first spotted in testing in February last year, Instagram has now confirmed that it will begin a small roll out of direct message access through the web-based version of its app. The addition will make Instagram’s messaging tools more widely accessible, as not all users are able to access the platform via the app. People in regions where network access is limited, or where data plans are restrictive, could benefit from being able to connect to their DMs on an alternate platform.​ And given the popularity of direct messaging on Instagram – as demonstrated by the launch of its ‘Threads’ messaging app last year – it makes sense for the platform to look for more ways to facilitate direct interaction.

Instagram’s VP of Product Provides Insight into its Hidden Like Count Test

17th January 2020

Thus far, Instagram hasn’t provided many answers re it’s hidden like counts test, but this week Vishal Shah, Instagram’s VP of Product took part in an interview on ‘The Social Media Geekout’ podcast to give us more insight into the thinking behind the test, and its current impacts.  Shah first notes that the origin of the hidden like count test came from internal feedback from its various teams. Shah says that when Instagram was first launched, a public Like count made sense (“that was sort of a norm at the time”), but now, particularly when you consider the rise of the Stories format, public engagement metrics are no longer the things that drive behaviour.

Facebook Backs Off on Plan to Bring Ads to WhatsApp

17th January 2020

According to The Wall Street Journal, Facebook is re-thinking it’s approach to WhatsApp as a revenue-generating tool. That would mean that while WhatsApp has more than 1.5 billion users, it won’t be contributing significantly to Facebook’s overall revenues anytime soon.

Google Expands Domain Name and Icon Listings in Search Results to Web Queries

17th January 2020

Last May, Google unveiled a new look for its mobile search listings, including brand icons and more prominent domain listings, which are designed to help provide more clarity around the sites that users are connecting with via search. Now, Google is expanding this new format to web-based queries as well. In addition to brand icons to the left of the domain listings in each result, the format for Google ads has also been updated, with a bold ‘Ad’ notifier beside the top paid result. The change is important to note for digital marketers, as it may provide a new opportunity to better establish your branding via search. But in order to capitalize on such, you need to ensure that your site icon – or ‘favicon’ – is up to date.

Google Launches New Clothing Search Format to Better Facilitate eCommerce Queries

January 16th 2020

Google continues to make inroads into better facilitating eCommerce queries, this time via a new search results format which is specifically designed to display clothing-related queries. As explained by Google: “Starting today, you’ll begin to see clothes, shoes and accessories from across the web in one place on Search on your mobile device, so you can easily browse lots of different stores and brands at once.”

Facebook Dominates Most Downloaded Apps of 2019 Listing, Covering Both Android and iOS

15th January 2020

Last month, Apple released its listing of the most downloaded apps on the App Store for 2019, which showed that Facebook and Google held six of the top ten spots, underlining the dominance of the digital giants.

Instagram Is Working on a New ‘Maps’ Sticker for Instagram Stories

15th January 2020

Instagram is working on a new map sticker for Stories which would display your location on a world map. The map sticker would show a section of a world map image, including a marker for your location.

How Custom Instagram AR Filters Can Boost Your Brand’s Personality

14th January 2020[UNIQID

Augmented reality (AR) filters have been introduced to Instagram since 2017, but more recently the feature has found new momentum through parent company Facebook’s Spark AR Studio, a platform launched in August 2019 that allows users to create customized AR filters for Instagram Stories, Facebook Stories, Messenger and Portal. According to Instagram, one-third of the most viewed Stories on the platform come from businesses and more than 200 million users visit at least one business account each day. While that isn’t to say this tool may be right for every brand, these stats are reason enough to at least test the waters.

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