New tool to migrate your Facebook photos to Google and more… [weekly snapshot]


Hello and welcome to this week’s Social Snapshot – our weekly roundup of social media news – including New tool to migrate your Facebook photos to Google. You’ll find below everything that has happened in the world of social over the past week. Get your fill of the latest social media and marketing news in one concise weekly snapshot!

You can migrate your Facebook photos to Google next year

2nd December 2019

Facebook is rolling out a tool that will let you export your image library directly to Google Photos. So if you don’t spend much time on Facebook anymore but don’t want to lose up to 15 years’ worth of shared photos you can migrate your Facebook photos to Google.

2019 Instagram Updates Marketers Should Know

2nd December 2019

Some of the most important new features Instagram ha launched in 2019, including the launch of ‘check on Instagram’, the ‘paid partnership’ tool and new ‘product launch sticker’.

Someone is putting VR headsets on cows, and we want to know why

26th November 2019

The experiment being conducted in Russia is to see if giving dairy cows VR headsets can reduce anxiety and increase milk yield. Tests of the VR headsets for cows are being carried out at a farm near Moscow, the VR goggles have been specially adapted for a cow’s head shape and vision. VR designers were also reportedly hired to create a “unique summer field simulation program” for the animals to enjoy.

Twitter will remove inactive accounts and free up usernames in December

26th November 2019

Twitter is sending out emails to owners of inactive accounts with a warning: sign in by December 11th, or your account will be history and its username will be up for grabs again. Any account that hasn’t signed in for more than six months will receive the email alert.

‘Pinterest Shop’ Supports Small Businesses This Holiday Season

26th November 2019

To celebrate small businesses this holiday season Pinterest is launching the Pinterest Shop, a place to discover small businesses and shop their unique products. In this new profile hand-curated by Pinterest, you’ll find hundreds of shoppable Product Pins from 17 different small businesses.The Pinterest Shop closely resembles a Pinterest user profile where curated boards have been replaced by merchant profiles and all pins within the boards are shoppable products.

Fiverr’s new store connects influencers with support services

26th November 2019

Fiverr, the online marketplace for freelance services, today is opening the Influencer Store to help social media personalities build and maintain their digital presence. Fiverr’s Influencer Store has four sub-stores focused on websites and blogging, YouTube, Instagram and Facebook to help influencers with each of these online platforms. The services available to influencers include help with video editing, thumbnail graphics and channel art, among other categories.

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