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Social Snapshot: This week in social media – w/c 28-Oct

Hello and welcome to this week’s Social Snapshot – our weekly roundup of social media news – including Facebook’s latest feature Facebook News. You’ll find below everything that has happened in the world of social over the past week. Get your fill of the latest social media and marketing news in one concise weekly snapshot!

Snapchat Adds Seven Million Users, Posts Higher Revenue in Q3

23rd October 2019


Snapchat has posted its latest performance update, showing increases in both users and revenue, and beating market estimates. First off, on users – Snapchat is now being used by 210 million people every day, up from 203 million. In terms of specific growth elements, Snap notes that total daily time spent watching its Discover content has increased 40% year-over-year.

Twitter Publishes New Media and Information Literacy Guide in Partnership with UNESCO

25th October 2019


Twitter has published a new digital literacy guide for educators which outlines how people can understand and utilize Twitter specifically, while also providing pointers around digital media usage more broadly. The guide, which you can download for free, includes notes on how Twitter works, with an overview of the platform’s key functions.

Google Launches New, Animated Video Series About SEO for Beginners

23rd October 2019


Google is growing its YouTube presence with another animated video series – this time it’s geared toward beginners, rather than experienced SEOs. New videos will be released every two weeks and will touch on topics such as: how Google Search works, frequently asked questions about search and discoverability, tips for hiring an SEO specialist and much more.

Facebook Launches Facebook News, a Dedicated Tab for News Content

26th October 2019


Facebook is adding a new Facebook News tab to the top navigation bar within the app which will take you through to its News content listing. From there, users will be able to view the latest news by topic, hide sections or publications and get a general news update.

Instagram Tests New Following List Categories to Help Manage Your Content Feed

22nd October 2019


Instagram is testing out a new process which would categorize your ‘Following’ list into both topic categories and listings based on your engagement with each, in order to help users better manage what content appears in their main feed. The option would automatically sort your following list into topics, like ‘Art’, ‘Comics’ and ‘Travel’. These listings would be based on the information provided by Instagram business pages – but in addition to topics, Instagram has also included lists of ‘Least interacted with’ and ‘Most shown in feed’, based on your individual activity.

Instagram Adds IGTV Series Option to Categorise Videos

23rd October 2019


Instagram has added a new IGTV ‘Series’ option which will enable creators to segment their videos into dedicated collections. The new Series option will help creators better brand their content, and encourage return viewing, by giving their series a dedicated label, along with an on-screen tab which viewers can tap to get notifications of new episodes.

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