Snapchat ‘Home’ Geofilters & more… [weekly snapshot]

Social Snapshot: This week in social media – w/c 14-Oct

Hello and welcome to this week’s Social Snapshot – our weekly roundup of social media news – including the new Snapchat ‘Home’ Geofilters. You’ll find below everything that has happened in the world of social over the past week. Get your fill of the latest social media and marketing news in one concise weekly snapshot!

TikTok partners with Youth Music to support upcoming music talent

3rd October 2019

TikTok has partnered with Youth Music (a national charity investing in music-making projects that help children and young people aged 0-25 to develop personally and socially as well as musically), as they launch their very first Youth Music Awards which will recognise and give exposure to emerging musical talent. Youth Music will invite the TikTok community to join the hashtag challenge, #MusicShapedMe, featuring the 11 nominated tracks, that will be available on TikTok to inspire and accompany the videos. The challenge will launch on 17 October and will be live for one week.

Instagram’s Now Testing New AR ‘Try On’ Ads with Selected Advertisers

4th October 2019

Instagram has now launched a new test of AR ‘try on’ ads with selected brands, through which users will be able to actively engage with the advertised product virtually and see how it looks. The new AR try on tools will be available via selected ads from noted partners and users will be able to share these experiences via Instagram Stories, helping to spread the word.

Twitter’s Testing a New Option to ‘Stream’ Tweets in Real-Time

4th October 2019

Twitter is testing out a new option which would enable users to ‘stream tweets’, meaning that their timeline would be updated as tweets happen. It would provide the capacity to switch to a more active, real-time update mode, which would keep your tweets flowing through, without any manual intervention. That could save your thumbs, for one, as you won’t have to keep dragging down the top tweet to refresh, while it might also help you feel like you have your finger on the digital pulse, as you watch your living tweet timeline shuffle down the screen.

This AR Motorcycle Helmet Is As Sleek As It Is Advanced

4th October 2019

The helmet has the ability to not only display directions, but also notify the wearer of traffic and weather conditions, indicators, speed, hazard road signs and incoming caller IDs on the HUD. It even shows 2K rear-view images so the rider has 360° visibility while on the road.

Snapchat Geofilters – app developing a New ‘Home Filter’ Option for Your Visitors to Add to Their Snaps

4th October 2019

Snapchat is looking to provide a new option which would enable users to create simple, free Geofilters tagged to their home address, which visitors to their home would then be able to add to their Snaps. The new ‘Home Filter’ option would be available in your profile settings, beneath your existing Bitmoji options. From there, you would be able to activate your Home Filter, and choose who, among your friends, is able to see it. The Snapchat Geofilters would not be available to all users, which is an option you can apply to public places through Community Filters.

Social media adspend outstrips press to become third-largest ad channel

7th October 2019

Advertisers are spending more on social media than they are on press for the first time, according to Zenith’s Advertising Expenditure Forecasts report. While spend on social media will be up 20% to $84bn (£68.3bn) by the end of 2019, press is set to fall 6% to $69bn. Social media will command a 13% share of global adspend, behind TV at 29% and paid search at 17%. Growth in social media is expected to slow but remain in double digits for three years, dropping to 17% in 2020 and 13% in 2021, by which point it will account for 16% of global social media adspend.

The strange world of TikTok: viral videos and Chinese censorship

7th October 2019

Great podcast here from technology editor Alex Hern and Anushka Asthana at the Guardian – insightful overview of the general workings of TikTok.

If Likes No Longer Matter on Social Media, Then What Does?

9th October 2019

Likes have diminished in importance because our behaviours have changed. We no longer need like counts on Instagram to signal that we are into someone’s content. We have so many other ways to signal engagement now. For example, re-sharing commenting and clicking on posts instead. Referral traffic that can be tracked throughout the customer journey. Shopping on Instagram, Pinterest, and other social sites. Following the brand and checking out profiles and stories.

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