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Social Snapshot: This week in social media – w/c 30-Sept

Hello and welcome to this week’s Social Snapshot – our weekly roundup of social media news – Gen Z research on brand discovery and loyalty behaviour. You’ll find below everything that has happened in the world of social over the past week. Get your fill of the latest social media and marketing news in one concise weekly snapshot!

Twitter ‘Lists’ Launched as Alternate, Swipeable Timelines on iOS

24 September 2019

Twitter users will now be able to pin up to five selected lists from their ‘Lists’ settings and have them appear as swipeable feeds from the home timeline. This will give users more ways to access specific discussions on the platform, which may make it a more engaging, interactive experience.

Pinterest Announces New Business Profile Format, Shop the Look Collection Ads

24 September 2019

Pinterest is expanding its shoppable post format into paid ads, enabling businesses to showcase multiple, buyable items within each Pin. Pinterest is also rolling out a new business profile format, which enables brands to use custom images, or even video, in their header section. Pinterest also notes that the new profiles will include an “updated messaging feature for quick customer support and feedback”. In recent times, Pinterest has repeatedly noted that it is not a social network, that it’s now a product discovery platform, but the addition of more, and improved, direct messaging features seems like an acknowledgment that modern shoppers do also desire that immediate connection. As such, providing capacity to link users with sellers, and their friends (via group boards) makes a lot of sense.

Facebook is Removing its Group Stories Option as of September 26th

21 September 2019

Facebook has removed its ‘Group Stories’ functionality, which enables Facebook group members to contribute to a single, collaborative Story within that group. Facebook launched the first iteration of group Stories to selected users in November 2017, before expanding the functionality to all groups last December. But while group Stories added a new consideration for group engagement, it also added extra moderation workload for group admins. Facebook says that archived group Stories will remain viewable, but users will not be able to re-share them. Facebook also notes that any pending Stories admins have queued will also be deleted next week.

Snapchat Publishes New Research on Gen Z Brand Discovery and Loyalty Behavior

20 September 2019

Snapchat has published a new research report which looks at Gen Z shopping trends, including product discovery behaviour and their expectations of brands. The research shows that friends and family are the most common source of insights for product discovery. The research also shows that Gen Z consumers are more likely to head to a brand’s website than their social profiles. According to Snap’s research, a majority of Gen Z consumers would stop using a brand if that business was found to be practicing unethical processes.

YouTube Looks to Clarify Verification Process with New Icons and Requirements

20 September 2019

YouTube has announced changes to its verification process, which it hopes will clear up confusion, and ensure that the right people and channels are getting its mark of approval. From a visual standpoint, YouTube’s removing its verified badges that currently appear to the right of channel names in favour of a new, grey swipe across the entire channel title. This is to prevent users from faking verification by manually adding their own checkmark to their channel name. Youtube will also be looking at a new set of contextual factors, outside of follower counts alone, in order to determine if a channel meets the key criteria.

Four Bold Social Media Predictions For 2020

23 September 2019

Forbes cover off four key predictions for the new year, including removal of Like counts on Instagram, Google’s incorporation of social media metrics in their search algorithm, the ability for niche social platforms to flourish, and finally, for social sharing tools become free or more valuable.

3 reasons to pay attention to niche social networks

23 September 2019

More than ever, people are looking for a sense of belonging where they can express, collaborate and learn. They want to connect with a specific type of social community. As a result, niche, closed social groups are gaining more appeal versus public feeds on popular networks like Facebook. Instead of communicating through traditional social-media apps, many people are using group-chat apps to discuss interests with fewer interruptions. For instance, Capture is a new group-chat app that uses artificial intelligence to suggest group chats and topics that matter to users, such as those based on similar interests or a familiar location.

Furthermore, while social media networks like Facebook and Twitter have millions of users, it doesn’t necessarily mean they are the best network for every product or service. Many brands would likely find their marketing efforts more effective when connecting with a smaller audience of a few hundred people that share similar interests. With the popularity of closed, niche networks and group-chat apps, brands now have the opportunity to connect with those highly targeted audiences. The more targeted their audiences are, the higher their conversion rates can be.

Visualising Social Media Use by Generation

21 September 2019

Global Web Index compares key generational and regional differences of social media use based on data from nearly 114,000 internet users. It shows that Baby Boomers currently rank last in nearly every category and metric when it comes to technology and social media use, while Generation Xers spend nearly two hours on social media per day. Comparably Millennials show a slow-down in the time spent on social media. Finally, Generation Z surpasses Millennials in daily activity on social media with 2 hours 55 minutes spent per day – which isn’t surprising considering Gen Z is the first group in history that has never known a world without the internet, being immersed in the online world since birth.

Some interesting stats – Monthly Active Users (MAU) Worldwide as of July 2019:

  • Facebook: 2.4 billion
  • YouTube: 2 billion
  • WhatsApp: 1.6 billion
  • Instagram: 1 billion
  • Twitter: 330 million

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