The swanky NEW Hootsuite update

New Hootsuite update

When it comes to social media management there is an abundance of tools out there designed to give you a helping hand, from Sprout Social to Buffer, and our personal favourite Hootsuite.

Hootsuite is one of the biggest and most popular social media management platforms in the UK and Europe. Used by over 15 million people, Hootsuite allows users to keep track of multiple social media accounts at once, as well as bulk-schedule social media posts and complete community management tasks. (In other words, it’s a social media marketers’ best friend!)
But with popularity comes great responsibility… which is why Hootsuite must ensure regular updates to keep the platform user-friendly and current.

This article looks at some of the best features of the latest Hootsuite update and why we love it.

Social media management just got a whole lot easier, not only does the redesigned Hootsuite dashboard have a fresh new look but it also has plenty of great streamlined usability enhancements to make social media management as smooth sailing as possible.

While many updates often overcomplicate matters, the Hootsuite update pleasantly simplifies things. The new Dashboard is less cluttered, and the navigation is tidier and more user-friendly. Thankfully, the location of Hootsuite’s tools hasn’t changed, so the new features are pretty simple to get your head around if you’re an avid Hootsuite user. For new users, the clutter-free dashboard is certainly less overwhelming than the previous design.

Aesthetically speaking, everything just has a simpler and more modern design, with fresh new colours and typeface. The navy background with bright yellow gives the platform a brighter and more refined look.

The most exciting new feature is the fact that the ‘create’ button is available on every page, which means you can create a post from anywhere on Hootsuite, making social media management that little bit easier.

One of the aspects of Hootsuite that makes it so popular is its interface, which takes the form of a dashboard. The Hootsuite dashboard actually resembles a social media platform, which is probably why it feels so familiar to use.
The updated blue ‘new post’ window is very Facebook-esque, you can even minimise the ‘new post’ window and it’ll turn into a small tab in the right-hand corner of the screen, much like the Facebook Messenger window.

We’re pleased to see that Hootsuite clearly pays attention to its users’ needs and has made the most popular products easier to find within the new update, hence the ‘create’ button being available at the top left of the left navigation bar – can you tell we’re a bit obsessed with this feature?!

The order of tabs on the old left navigation bar was as follows: streams, inbox, publisher, analytics, assignments, app directory, tools and help.

The order of tabs on the updated left navigation bar is as follows:

  • Create – which means you can easily create a new post from anywhere on Hootsuite.
  • Streams – where the content from your connected social accounts is displayed so you can easily to monitor activity across the board and engage with your audience.
  • Publisher – a calendar where you can see all your scheduled content, in one place.
  • Inbox – a tool to help you manage your social conversations in one place.
  • Assignments – This feature can be used byTeam, Business, and Enterprise plan members to manage and assign social messages and posts to teams or individuals in their organization.
  • Analytics – used to measure the overall performance of your social media activity across multiple social networks.
  • My other products – includes mobile apps where you can Manage your social media presence from your mobile
  • Help and resources – Different methods of help and resources including: in-product assistance, a help centre, Hootsuite Academy, live chat, Tweet for support, and ways to share feedback
  • My profile – where you can view your account settings, preferences, and billing

Tabs have become ‘boards’ in streams, and you can now view your boards in an array of three different sizes: compact, standard or comfortable. Standard is our personal favourite.

Hootsuite knows that 85% of videos on social are played without sound, which is why the latest update now allows you to upload subtitle files to your Facebook and Twitter video posts, to save time in post-production.

The one thing we think Hootsuite could improve on is it’s Instagram scheduling features. We’re eagerly awaiting the day Hootsuite announces an update that allows Instagram carousels to be scheduled through the platform, adding multiple pictures is currently not supported through the Instagram API. While the new update sadly hasn’t brought this much-needed feature, it seems to be heading in the right as you are now able to add up to 9 images in each of your LinkedIn posts. Fingers crossed that the next Hootsuite update will have some more Instagram specific updates!

In conclusion, the new Hootsuite layout is great. It’s simple yet effective updates make social media management easy breezy. Our favourite feature is the ‘new post button being available on every page, so you can create a post from anywhere in Hootsuite. While these simple changes have made Hootsuite a more user-friendly platform, not an overwhelming amount has changed, so it’s not overcomplicated to use. We love the fresh new look and feel of the modern design.

TOP TIP: If you’re not as keen on the new layout as we are, you can switch back to the old look for a limited time. To do this click on the ‘help and resources’ button, and click ‘switch to the older look’.


Photo by Raul Varzar on Unsplash.

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